Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assignment 1 Journal

Familiar Space: My room.

(We were asked to spend time in our familiar space then leave and write down everything we could remember about it)

I have plants on my window sill (a sunflower, a cactus, and purple flowers). Next to the plants are my two miniature ceramic pandas. My bed is made, I have five pillows on it. M blue shoes are by the door where I took them off. There is a dead ladybug on my middle window...I can't even write everything down because I remember everything.
After coming back into my room, I realize that I remembered lots of little details about it. I think that is what I like most about it. Details give things (and spaces) character. When I started taking pictures I focused on details that i felt express my personality and to convey the familiar, homey feeling of someone's most personal space. I experimented with different angles, texture, and lighting.

Unfamiliar Space: Used Bookstore

I was on my way to Peace Park to take some photos when I passed a used bookstore on 9th street. I first went in out of curiosity and to look at books and then thought it would be the perfect location for my shoot. 
I really wanted to capture the mood of the space. It was a small and charming place with lots of character. That is probably what was attractive to me about it. I love places with character. 
I walked around for about 30 minutes just examining all the little nooks and looking for neat photo opportunities. After a while, I asked the woman at the register if I may take photos. She said it was alright. She understood because she was a photo journalism student in college. So anyway, I began shooting from different angles, getting close-ups on book ends, and secretly trying to include people in the shop as well.
I was very pleased with how my photos turned out. They really captured the cozy, relaxed, and artistic atmosphere. During the shoot I even came across a book I decided to purchase. The once unfamiliar space turned out to be a place I'd like like to return to soon. 
After paying for my book the woman asked how I thought my pictures would turn out and wished me luck. It was a very friendly place.

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